Evaluation for Social Impact Organizations

Navigating change by asking and answering powerful questions

Praxis Associates helps organizations uncover the next big thing that needs to happen and navigate a way forward. 

Have you experienced evaluation as judgy, pigeon-holing and intimidating? Do you feel that it results in long, cumbersome reports that no one reads? You are busy changing the world. You don’t have time for that and neither do we. 

We will partner with you to develop tailored evaluation plans that reflect your values, use rigorous methods, and produce valid and useful information. And we will help you translate what you learn into action. The result will help you respond to funders, but more importantly, strengthen what you do. 

prax·is (prak’sis), n. 1. the interaction of action and reflection. 2. the creative implementation of a purpose.

Evaluation Strategies

Developmental evaluation

An adaptive evaluation approach that supports innovation. 

Principles-focused evaluation

Uses guiding principles to evaluate options for action, and assess the value of results.

Complexity-Informed Evaluation

When it’s difficult to draw direct, cause-effect linkages between programs and specific targets.

Participatory Practices

Qualitative and engaging methods to harvest learning and action from participatory events.

Learning INtegration

Intentional integration of what is learned through evaluation into future plans.


“Praxis did an excellent, thorough and comprehensive program evaluation for our organization that will inform our strategy going forward. What we learned will help us design and evaluate all of our programs, and guide our strategic planning more effectively. The value of working with Yve and her team extended far beyond our expectations.”

Lori Maddox, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

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