Sample Projects

Principles-Focused Evaluation for Participatory Journalism

Praxis Associates helped Capital Public Radio create a principles-focused framework to plan and evaluate participatory journalism. Through a series of conversations, collaborative writing sessions and prototypes, we crafted the set of principles and framework that now guide the way the station engages with any community, about any issue. Read more…

Compassionate Conversations to Address Homelessness

Praxis Associates helped Journalism That Matters evaluate whether compassionate conversations could help Seattle address its complex homelessness problem. The evaluation mixed principles-focused evaluation and participatory practices, and resulted in a report to guide media organizations that want to host similar conversations in their communities.  Read more…

Developmental Evaluation for Healthcare Integration

Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services received a grant to integrate their mental and physical healthcare. This 5-year developmental evaluation helped create and test a new way of collaborating across systems. This multiple phase project included research, building relationships, developing an integration vision and plan, facilitating innovation-learning cycles using qualitative and quantitative data, and participatory site visits. Read more…

TriMuseum Colllaborative

Learning Integration witH the Tri-Museum Collaborative

The Tri Museum Early Learning Collaborative engaged Praxis Associates to build their evaluation capabilities and capacity to learn together, while increasing the equity and effectiveness of their programs.  The Museums are now able to dig deeper into more fundamental questions about how their programs work, and how they meet the needs of families in culturally responsive and strengths-based ways. Read more…


“Yve is exceptionally effective at facilitating discussions to identify key points and opportunities for clarity. She’s a skilled project manager, easy to work with, and adept at building evaluative capacities in others.”

Kimberly McKenney, Greentrike

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